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When comparing comfort types, look for the type of surface that will encourage proper alignment between your spine and mattress. Remember: just because a mattress is soft doesn’t mean it’s not supportive. And vice versa. Use this page to discover the difference between mattress comfort types, then shop your preferred fit and feel.

The name says it all. Our most luxurious comfort level. Keep in mind that not all ultra soft mattresses are able to provide the same level of support, so be sure to consult your local Mattress and More store for customized recommendations.

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The soft mattress is a combination of both soft top and supportive base. With a pillow top and firm feel, plush mattresses are best suited for back sleepers. 

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Most U.S. sleepers fall into the medium category, so if you don’t know where to start, this is our recommended choice. Medium mattresses are also a good compromise for couples.

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No frills, just good support. Firm mattresses are typically best suited for back and side sleepers. 

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